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Jungle Review: A Thrilling Adventure Through the Wilderness


Jungle is a 2017 Australian biographical adventure drama movie directed by Greg Mc Lean and written by Justin Monjo. The story follows the real-life journey of Yossi Ghinsberg as he embarks on an ill-fated journey through the Amazon rainforest, starring Daniel Radcliffe, Thomas Kretschmann, Joel Jackson, Yasmin Kassim and Jacek Koman, Jungle showcases a thrilling tale of survival against all odds amidst treacherous conditions and wild animals.

The movie opens with Yossi's arrival in La Paz where he meets two like-minded adventurers Marcus Stamm (Jackson) and Kevin Gale (Kretschmann). Against his better judgment Yossi then joins them on their self-proclaimed expedition into the Bolivian jungle to find gold rumored to be located there; only to find out soon enough that they are not prepared for what lies ahead. As they venture deeper into uncharted territory their confidence quickly turns into fear when things start going wrong resulting in dangerous consequences for everyone involved.


Plot Summary

The trio soon find themselves lost and without food or shelter, a situation that only worsens with the arrival of an unpredictable and hostile local tribe. Yossi is then separated from his companions and must rely on his own wit to survive in this unforgiving environment. He is forced to battle the elements as well as wild animals such as jaguars, snakes and caimans while trying desperately to stay alive until he can reunite with Marcus and Kevin. Along the way, Yossi makes unlikely allies who help him traverse treacherous terrain by day and provide invaluable advice at night.

As time passes, Yossi's physical strength begins to give out but his determination remains strong; refusing to succumb to despair even when faced with seemingly insurmountable obstacles. After spending three weeks alone in the jungle, he finally manages to make it back alive against all odds. The experience has changed him forever: having gone through such singularly difficult circumstances has given Yossi newfound wisdom about life’s fragility — making every moment worth cherishing if you are truly fortunate enough to survive against all odds. Jungle is ultimately a thrilling tale of survival that will captivate viewers for its entire duration thanks largely due in part to its emotionally charged performances by Radcliffe, Kretschmann and Jackson as well as Mc Lean’s powerful direction which brings this incredibly moving story vividly alive onscreen for audiences everywhere.


The characters in Jungle are incredibly well-defined and their arcs are both enthralling and heart-breaking. Yossi is the protagonist, whose ambition to explore leads him on a dangerous journey that tests his will to survive. His courage and determination in the face of adversity make him an inspiring figure for audiences everywhere. Marcus serves as Yossi’s foil, contrasting his recklessness with caution; while Kevin’s enthusiasm provides much-needed comic relief amidst the danger they all find themselves in. The character dynamics between these three friends create powerful moments throughout the film that keep viewers invested until its dramatic conclusion.

Jungle explores a variety of themes ranging from survival to friendship, perseverance to understanding one's place in nature. Mc Lean uses sweeping shots of lush Amazonian landscape alongside Radcliffe’s intense performance to convey Yossi's spiritual journey during which he learns invaluable lessons about human resilience when faced with life-threatening obstacles. It also examines how desperation can drive people towards desperate measures including those taken by Yossi who finds himself forced into questionable choices due largely in part because of his predicament but also perhaps because sometimes no other option remains available especially when there is so little hope left around you.

Mc Lean captures every moment exquisitely through masterful cinematography and a hauntingly beautiful score by composer Johnny Klimek who manages to capture the essence of this unique story perfectly; creating an immersive experience for viewers even long after they have finished watching it thanks largely due its captivating visuals combined with chilling sound design making Jungle truly unforgettable viewing experience not soon forgotten!


Themes Discussed

Jungle is a powerful coming-of-age story that follows Yossi’s journey as he learns valuable lessons about life, friendship and the importance of perseverance in the face of adversity. As Yossi embarks on his ill-fated adventure through the Amazon rainforest, he soon finds himself dealing with tough decisions and harsh realities. Through this experience, we witness how his strength and courage enable him to survive despite being pushed to his physical and psychological limits.

The film also explores the theme of survival of the fittest; while Yossi has been able to make it out alive, not everyone is so lucky. His companions Marcus and Kevin are at times overwhelmed by their treacherous surroundings which eventually leads them down paths they never expected or intended for themselves. This serves as an important reminder that even when faced with seemingly insurmountable obstacles one must stay vigilant if they hope to make it through unscathed.

The movie ultimately shows us that no matter what challenges we may come up against in our lives, there is always hope given enough determination and courage. By exploring such themes within its thrilling narrative Jungle provides viewers with an unforgettable viewing experience full of heartache but also inspiration making it a truly remarkable tale worth watching again and again!

Critical Reception

Jungle has garnered mostly positive reviews from critics and audiences alike who have praised Greg Mc Lean’s direction, the performances of its cast, and the overall gripping narrative.

Daniel Radcliffe's performance as Yossi Ghinsberg is especially well-received; with many praising his ability to portray both the physical and emotional struggles of a man trying to survive in an unforgiving environment. His portrayal of Yossi's determination in spite of all odds is truly remarkable to watch, bringing a much-needed gravitas to this already thrilling tale. Thomas Kretschmann also delivers an impressive performance as Kevin Gale while Joel Jackson brings much-needed humor with his role as Marcus Stamm; both providing viewers with compelling characters that help drive the story forward.

The cinematography by Jules O'Loughlin further adds depth to Jungle's narrative as he captures stunning shots of nature that create a vivid backdrop for this wild adventure; complemented perfectly by Johnny Klimek’s emotionally charged score which helps bring out even more intensity during key scenes throughout the film. The combination of these elements creates an immersive experience for viewers that keeps them on the edge of their seats until the very last scene making it not only one best films of 2017 but also one most memorable cinematic journeys in recent years!



In conclusion, Jungle is an extraordinary cinematic experience that features outstanding performances from its cast and a gripping narrative about survival against all odds. Through Yossi’s journey, we witness how determination and courage can help us overcome even the most difficult of situations. The film's masterful direction by Greg Mc Lean as well as its stunning visuals and emotionally charged score further adds to this powerful tale making it one of 2017’s best films and undoubtedly one of the most memorable cinematic journeys in recent years!

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