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The Negotiation Movie Review: Thrilling Drama Unfolds in Every Frame


The Negotiation is a 2018 South Korean crime thriller film directed by Lee Jong-seok. The movie stars Son Ye-jin as Ha Chae-yoon, the sole female police negotiator who has to deal with psychopathic kidnappers. When two Korean hostages are taken in China and brought back to Korea, Ha Chae-yoon is assigned the task of negotiating their release. With her team comprising of Min Tae-gu (Hyun Bin) , she must face off against a dangerous criminal mastermind who has devised an elaborate plan for revenge. With unexpected twists and turns along the way, The Negotiation will keep you on edge till its very end!


Analysis Of Key Characters

Son Ye-jin plays the role of Ha Chae-yoon, a police negotiator who is the sole female in her team. She is highly experienced and determined to get the job done no matter what it takes. Throughout The Negotiation, she displays strong determination and courage in order to achieve success despite facing dangerous circumstances with her life on the line. Her expertise and knowledge are key factors for helping her succeed in resolving conflicts between criminals and hostages.

Lee Jong Suk plays Son Ye-jin, a member of Young Jin’s negotiation team. He provides invaluable support during negotiations by helping to create strategies that will ensure successful outcomes for all involved parties. He assists Young Jin throughout their mission with his vast experience as a former military man which gives him an edge over other negotiators when it comes to understanding how criminals think and act under pressure situations like this one presented in The Negotiation.

Yu Jun Sang plays Park Sang Ho, another member of Young Jin’s negotiation team whose main strength lies in his ability to anticipate criminal behaviour through psychological analysis which helps him understand how best to handle any given situation that arises during negotiations between hostage takers and police forces alike. His insight into human psychology allows him formulate plans which have been proven effective at bringing about quick resolutions without compromising anyone's safety or well being

Story Development

The plot of The Negotiation was carefully developed to keep the audience on their toes. Throughout the movie, there are several unexpected twists and turns that make it an exciting ride where no one can predict what is going to happen next. This keeps viewers engaged in the story as they wait for each development with anticipation. Furthermore, the pacing and timing of The Negotiation were perfect in order to build suspense without losing focus or dragging out any scenes for too long. Each scene had a purpose and contributed towards furthering the narrative while also maintaining a sense of urgency which added to its intensity overall.

Additionally, every character’s motivations were made clear throughout The Negotiation so that viewers could easily understand why someone would do something even if it seemed strange or irrational at first glance. This allowed audiences to get more invested in their stories as well as better comprehend how each character’s decisions affected the greater narrative of the film itself. Furthermore, this also helped create tension between characters during negotiations when two opposing sides had different goals which amplified stakes throughout key moments in the movie making them more impactful than ever before.


Cinematic Aspects

The cinematography of The Negotiation was absolutely incredible and truly added to the intensity of each scene. Every shot was carefully composed in order to capture both the action on screen as well as add a sense of mystery and suspense with its clever use of angles, lighting, and shadows. The camera worked hand-in-hand with the plot by emphasizing certain details or shifting focus depending on what kind of information needed to be conveyed at any given moment. This helped create tension that kept audiences gripped throughout each situation faced by Young Jin’s team while also providing them with more insight into the characters’ motivations which further enriched their understanding of how things unfolded over time within the movie itself.

Furthermore, lighting played an important role in setting up moods or atmosphere during key moments throughout The Negotiation such as when it shifted from brighter hues to more subdued tones during intense negotiations between criminals and hostages alike. Visual effects were also used sparingly but effectively such as when they created a feeling of unease whenever something unexpected happened that completely changed the course of events being presented within any particular scene. All these elements combined together made for some genuinely captivating visuals that served only to enhance viewers' experience even further while watching this thrilling crime drama unfold before their eyes!


Theme and Symbolism

Themes of justice, redemption and power play a significant role in The Negotiation. On the one hand, we have Young Jin who is determined to ensure that justice is served by bringing her captives to face the law regardless of their attempts at evading it. On the other hand, there is a criminal mastermind intent on exacting his revenge no matter what it takes which serves as an example of how powerful people can manipulate situations for their own gain if left unchecked. This dichotomy between justice and injustice comes into play throughout the movie with both sides fighting for control over events within each scene as well as over time making for some intense moments that keep audiences guessing until the very end.

Symbolism also plays an important part in The Negotiation. One particular symbolic element present throughout this film are clocks which represent how time is running out for hostages and police alike when negotiating with criminals under duress. Clocks appear multiple times during key scenes such as when Young Jin receives news about her kidnapped father or when she engages in negotiations with her captors providing additional tension during these already emotional sequences while reminding viewers just how little time they have to save those involved from harm's way before things turn even more dire than they already are! Additionally, mirrors serve another purpose within this movie representing both truth and deception where characters must confront not only what lies outside but also inside themselves if they hope to succeed in completing their mission without any casualties being incurred along the way!


The Negotiation is a thrilling and intense crime drama that showcases the strength of human willpower as well as the lengths people are willing to go in order to achieve their goals. This movie serves as an example of how difficult it can be for negotiators working with criminals who may not always have the same objectives or understandings when it comes to resolving conflicts between hostages and police forces alike. It also shows just how important psychological analysis can be when trying to anticipate criminal behavior which is critical for devising successful strategies during negotiations.

Overall, The Negotiation provides viewers with plenty of lessons on what makes negotiations effective such as being prepared and having knowledge about all parties involved so that solutions can be reached quickly without any casualties occurring along the way. Furthermore, its clever use of symbolism conveys messages about truth and deception while reminding audiences time is running out if they want resolution without further harm being done in these kinds of situations. Lastly, this movie demonstrates why determination and courage are essential traits for anyone looking to succeed in negotiating under extreme circumstances where lives are at stake!

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